September 24, 2014

Paper Recycling – Why recycling is important

paper recyclingPaper recycling stations are the beginning of the process in which waste paper is used to produce fresh paper and paper products. Paper recycling is important because of its scope as paper forms a large part of our daily office and fills our domestic waste containers. According to a survey, paper constitutes about 35% of all trash in one way or another. If we get in the habit of utilizing recycle bins for that waste that can be easily recycled and used as raw material we will save 1/3 of the stress on our environment. Every desk should have a deskside recycling bin and every janitorial service should be using clearly marked Rubbermaid Waste Receptacles.

Manufacturing paper puts a substantial burden on the environment as first trees are cut to prepare the raw material for making paper. Paper manufacturing takes about 90% wood while other uses of wood like making furniture take 10%-60% wood. Chemicals like limestone, sulfur and bleach are also used for making paper and the byproducts from these chemicals are highly harmful to the environment. The whole process of manufacturing paper also uses up a lot of water and energy. The waste material produced from the whole process also needs to be disposed of in a proper manner so that it doesn’t harm the environment. Instead of making paper from new raw material, waste paper can be easily used to make new paper of good quality. Here are a few statistics that show how useful resources can be saved by recycling one ton of paper:

* Approximately 17 trees are saved from being cut down and turned to wood pulp.
* Recycling paper saves about 350 pounds of limestone and 275 pounds of sulfur.
* Recycling one ton of paper saves up to 60,000 liters of water.
* About 225 KW hours of electricity is saved by recycling one ton paper.
* Recycling paper also saves landfill space of up to 3.3 cubic yards.
* Decomposed paper releases methane, a greenhouse gas that leads to climatic change. By using the waste paper for manufacturing new paper, the release of greenhouse gases can be stopped.

Recycling waste paper also prevents water pollution and air pollution. When the transportation and packaging costs are considered paper recycling is beneficial from both economic and environmental point of view.

Paper recycling can be made easier with the help of recyclable bins. There are newspapers recycling bins too that can be used to collect old newspapers as well as other waste paper.

Visit the Environment Protection Agency for more information

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